Community Camp Northwest Arkansas May 8th, 2010 in Springdale, AR


[UPDATE] This event was canceled to be rescheduled at a later date.  Poor planning on my part since I picked the day before Mother’s Day to hold an event.  What was I thinking?  I am looking for new dates and will post when it is set.

I am happy to announce Community Camp Northwest Arkansas to be held May 8th, 2010 in Springdale, AR.  I am currently working on the website and taking suggestions on topics. 

I want the attendees to build the schedule so if you are planning attending and have a topic you would like to learn or share please email me at  I plan to be sending out a session survey to let the registered attendees vote on what sessions out of the proposed they would like to have at the event.  This way you have complete control over what is discussed at the event and will allow you to maximize your time.  If we still have open slots the day of the event we will fill them during the open session.

I am also looking for sponsors for the event, if you are interested in sponsoring Community Camp Northwest Arkansas or future Community Camps in other areas please contact me directly.

I am also working on getting a keynote speaker for the event who can speak about trends and best practices for community.

What is a Community Camp?

A Community Camp is a one day free event for community leader by community leaders based a modified version of Open Space Technology.  This one day free event is intended to be open forum to share ideas, discuss common challenges, and gain from the experience of other leaders.  Community Camps are the perfect opportunity to meet leaders from other groups, benefit from their success stories, and expand your network of contacts.

Who Should Attend?

This event is open to anyone who is a user group leader, or are involved in the leadership, planning, promotion, or day-to-day operations of a user group community.

When is it?

May 8th, 2010

Where is it?

Tyson Corporate Headquarters
2210 West Oaklawn Drive
Springdale, AR 72762

Where do I register?

I have setup an EventBrite registration to track attendees you can register here

Blog Settings: Turning Off Comments

I have been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided to make the jump.  I am turning off comments on my blog.  I don’t have very many readers and those of you that do read my blog know me and would contact me via email or phone.  The comments I usually get are from link bots trying to drive traffic to their sites and never add anything to the discussion.

I have tried turning comment moderation and on and adding the Akismet extension for blogengine.  With that I still get an email that requires some action on my part, mostly because of the moderation rather than Akismet I am sure.

Maybe if my blog gets more popular and the need for comments arises I will consider turning them on again but until them I am going leave them off and dedicate the time I was using to deal with the few comments I was getting to more value added activities, like writing more post ;-).

Arkansas User Group Leader Call Tonight: Getting Members Involved

8612~Leadership-PostersThis is a reminder that the Arkansas User Group Leader Call is tonight at 8:00 PM CST.  Meetings going forward will be held via Live Meeting please use the following link to join

All groups suffer from the fact that most of the work is done by a hand full of individuals.  Tonight Zach Young will be facilitating a discussion on this very subject.  We hope to find some techniques that we can employ to increase the involvement of members in the actual running of a group or event.

Meeting Information:

Topic: Get Member Involved!
Medium: Live Meeting (verify you system
Meeting Link:


I’ll see you tonight!

Getting started with C# - for free!

This is a re-blog of a post by Christian Liensberger, that was posted on Microsoft Channel 8 website.  I usually don’t subscribe to repeating others blogs but thought this one was worth breaking that rule.

Always wanted to learn C#? Never wanted to buy a book for that? There are great news for you! Rob Miles, a professor at the University of Hull and .NET Micro Framework [2] addicted, released his C# teaching materials for free.

He called it the "yellow book", since it is structured like a normal book, and made it available from

The book contains 185 pages and covers everything from how to start with C# (like the basic language constructs) to how to create user interfaces, components and even how to encapsulate the logic of your application into business objects.

After having read the book you probably want to try what you learned. To do that you might download the Visual C# Express Edition package. It is a free version of Visual Studio and comes with everything that is required to develop programs in C#.

Thanks Christian for posting this awesome resource,  you can read Christian’s post here, or head on over to for Robs original post and to download it.

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts


I have long been trying to find a short-cut that would allow me to jump right to the address bar in Internet Explorer.  You know since I don't like to take my hands off of the keyboard unless I have to, right. ;-) Well, I finally put a little more effort into finding it and today the technology gods have smiled down on me so I thought I would share it.

So, if you want to put focus on the address bar while browsing a web page it ALT-D, and it will select everything in the address bar and allow you to enter the new address you want to visit. Here is the link to the Microsoft Support that provides a good list of keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer


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