Blog Settings: Turning Off Comments

I have been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided to make the jump.  I am turning off comments on my blog.  I don’t have very many readers and those of you that do read my blog know me and would contact me via email or phone.  The comments I usually get are from link bots trying to drive traffic to their sites and never add anything to the discussion.

I have tried turning comment moderation and on and adding the Akismet extension for blogengine.  With that I still get an email that requires some action on my part, mostly because of the moderation rather than Akismet I am sure.

Maybe if my blog gets more popular and the need for comments arises I will consider turning them on again but until them I am going leave them off and dedicate the time I was using to deal with the few comments I was getting to more value added activities, like writing more post ;-).

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