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I used to be a huge fan of Launchy which is a free cross-platform utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.   In my pursuit to always keep my hands on the keyboard it was awesome.  However, it lacked some features that would help me with another goal, the no icon desktop.

The one feature that started me down this path was the desire to empty the recycle bin.  Launchy has many great features but it didn’t have many system commands, where Executor had many.

System Commands

Here is a list of some of the the system commands that Executor has.

Command Description
?shutdown shutdown windows
?restart restart windows
?standby put the computer in standby mode (no warning) if computer / windows version supports it)
?hibernate hibernate the computer (no warning) if computer / windows version supports it)
?screensaver start the screensaver
?monitor turn off the monitor (note only if system/hardware support it). Default keyword is
?emptyrecyclebin empty recycle bin
?saveclipboard open a save clipboard to file dialog (works with text and screenshots)
control launches the control panel
ip write your current local IP address, or a comma separated list if machine have more than one IP address

There are many other built in commands, I just wanted to highlight the ones that really caused me to start using it.

Visual Styles

Like Launchy, Executor offers several visual styles that are achieved via skins.

Style Example
Minimalistic skins2_minimal
Small skins2_small
Medium skins2_medium


The other way to customize the look and feel is to use a skin.  This can be done by either downloading one from the Executor site or creating one yourself and saving it from the Executor settings dialog. I have created one that I use that is minimalistic and clean and works well with my Win7 dark theme.

You an download it here minimal_clean.skn (292.00 bytes).  Just drop it in the Executor Skin directory located at \Program Files\Executor\Skins.


If you haven’t tried a utility like this down load one today.  I rarely touch the start bar or the mouse any more and my desktop as you expect is icon free Winking smile.

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