Expose Yourself with RSS and ATOM Syndication Presentation

image I had a great time presenting RSS and ATOM Syndication using WCF to the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group on Tuesday night.  I have made my presentation deck available in a PDF available for download form here.

I will be posting the source and the script to my Google code account.  Check out my Presentation page for more info on how to get the code.

Exposing data via RSS and ATOM doesn’t have to be hard, using the System.ServiceModel.Web Syndication objects provided in the 3.5 version of the .NET Framework makes it easy to handle data in a format independent way and let the client then determine how they want to consume your data. 

If you adding RSS and ATOM support to your application I suggest you get familiar with the System.ServiceModel.Web namespace.  I will posting more on the subject in a few work in progress blog post, so stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone at the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group for having me it was a great time as always.

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