Free Foundations of Programming E-book by Karl Sequin

How important are foundations?  Well, have you ever spent any time around a construction site?  You should sometime,  it is amazing the amount of work that goes into just getting the foundation setup.  They move or level ground, bring in support, cut rebar, dig out where the supports needs to be.  A lot of planning and thought, not to mention sweat goes into preparing the foundation to support the building or home that it will eventually hold.

Every developer should strive to have a foundation that is as thought out, sturdy, and planned as that and this E-book from Karl will developers build that foundation.

Karl Sequin’s blog series on the Foundations of Programming has been one of my favorites.  The insight and practicality of what he teaches has touched me and my coding habits in an exponential way.  I downloaded and printed the a PDF that Tim Barcz created that included everything up to Part 7 – Active Record.  I have carried that copy with me everywhere.  Oh yes, I have printed this one and replaced my worn short version and am prepared for to read it through again. 

Download it from

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