Shared Assembly Info Files in Visual Studio Reborn

The last project I worked on had a lot of class library projects in it and we really struggled with file versions.  We really wanted a good way to give all the class libraries the save version number other information.  I seem to remember that in an older version of Visual Studio, 2005 I think, if you created a setup project you could tell it to make all the file versions the same.  I couldn’t get this to work in Visual Studio 2008, or 2010, and it doesn’t work for web applications.

After talking with several of my colleagues, Devlin Liles and Rob Tennyson, and others we came up with a solution of using a Shared Assembly Info file across the projects.  I am starting a new project and since I didn’t remember how we did it of course I consulted the great oracle of all collected knowledge, Google and found this article Shared Assembly Info in Visual Studio by Jeremy Jameson and this solution worked great.  I was able to get my new project well underway with Shared Assembly Files and got to bed early.

The benefits I have found so far are that all outputs of the build have the same number and you only have to update the product and file versions in one place.

If you have struggled with this in the past check be sure to check this out.


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