Speaking at Tulsa Techfest–October 7th 2011


It is time for the Tulsa Techfes! Woo Hooo!

This time around I will be leading a Community Leadership Town Hall the night before and presenting two sessions.  This has always been an awesome event and I am sure this year will not be much different.

Session Info:

Developer Productivity Tips: How to Get Things Done

This session is a collection of tips and strategies I have learned that has helped me be a more productive person. Topics will range from better ways to handle the onslaught of incoming email to being more productive with you development tools.

Topics in this session:

  • Going Mouse-less
  • Customize your world
  • Developer Tools
  • Inbox Zero
  • 5 Sentences or less
  • Clean Workspace

The Creamy Goodness of NuGet

NuGet has quickly become one of my favorite extensions for Visual Studio.  Not only has it made it easy to add commonly used OSS libraries to your projects it has made them discoverable.

About NuGet: NuGet is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development.

There are a large number of useful 3rd party open source libraries out there for the .NET platform, but for those not familiar with the OSS ecosystem, it can be a pain to pull these libraries into a project.  NuGet automates most of this and makes it easy to add libraries for common task.

Here is what you will learn:

What is NuGet?

  • How to add packages to your project
  • How to update packages in your project
  • How to host your own package repository
  • How to create and publish your own packages
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