University of Arkansas .NET User Group: Lap Around Visual Studio 2008

February 5th, 2008 I had the opportunity to present at the University of Arkansas .NET User Group. I presented a Lap Around Visual Studio 2008 to about 15 member so the group. It was a great experience and I would like to thank Eddie Mahar for the opportunity and thanks to the group that showed up it was a great discussion. Some Major Points from the Presentation:

  1. Visual Studio multi-targeting allows you to easily move up to Visual Studio 2008
  2. LINQ simplifies data access through language extensions for C# & Visual Basic
  3. WF & WCF make it easier to build rich, connected applications using a variety of types of services
  4. WPF Designer provides design-time support for building WPF applications and a streamlined workflow between developers and designers
  5. VSTO enables developers to build Office Business Applications for Office on the client or server
  6. NetCF 3.5 brings major .NET Framework enhancements to mobile devices

If you haven't made the jump to Visual Studio 2008 and would like to, check out my earlier post on how you can try it for free.

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